Win Prizes

About The Prizes

The prizes listed below are just a sample of some of the prizes we offer to you free of charge from our sponsors.
  • Free one month membership from Gold's Gym ($50)
  • Free oil change from Bob's Auto ($29)
  • Free superworks car wash from Super-Suds ($20)
  • Free movies passes from Regal Theaters ($30)
  • Free gift certificate from Barnaby's ($15)
  • Free gift certificate from Osakas ($20)
  • Free pizza from Hungry Howies ($15)
  • More listed soon!
  • More listed soon!

When Are Prizes Awarded

Tallahaassee Hot Spots also gives away a package of prizes valued up to $200 once a month. To have your chance to win the monthly prize you must be on our email list. Don't worry about signing up each month as once you are on the list you stay on the list until you request to be removed.

Registering To Win

Email us at and put "REGISTER ME" on the subject line of the email to be added to our mailing list. Once you are on the mailing list you are automatically entered into the monthly drawing for up to $200 worth of gifts and prizes from our sponsors.

To Unsubscribe:
To be removed from our mailing list, simply email and put the word REMOVE on the subject line.

How your email address will be used:
Once you register to be on our email list, you will only receive emails directly from us telling you if you are the winner each month and to inform you about special offers we may have for you. You will not receive emails from anyone other than Tallahassee Hot Spots and your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Previous Winners

2017 Winners

2016 Winners
Jan 2016
Leigh O.
Feb 2016
Donna S.

Mar 2016
James P.
Apr 2016
Carrie K.

May 2016
Marko P.
Jun 2016
Dwayne T.

Jul 2016
Laura M.
Aug 2016
Ryan A.

Sep 2016
Richard F.
Oct 2016
Thomas T.

Nov 2016
Jennel S.
Dec 2016
Barbara R.

2015 Winners
Jan 2015
Ted N.
Feb 2015
Kevin K.

Mar 2015
Carl B.
Apr 2015
Dawn D.

May 2015
Byron J.
Jun 2015
Kathleen S.

Jul 2015
Traci M.
Aug 2015
Keith B.

Sep 2015
Karyn D.
Oct 2015
George M.

Nov 2015
Shundra M.
Dec 2015
Teresa T.

2014 Winners
Jan 2014
Mary J.
Feb 2014
Jacob R.

Mar 2014
Emily A.
Apr 2014
Emma M.

May 2014
Michael M.
Jun 2014
William J.

Jul 2014
David W.
Aug 2014
Richard T.

Sep 2014
Charles A.
Oct 2014
Marina B.

Nov 2014
Annmarie K.
Dec 2014
Amber H.

2013 Winners
Jan 2013
Mike C.
Feb 2013
Cindy T.

Mar 2013
Keri S.
Apr 2013
Jonathan T.

May 2013
Cindy S.
Jun 2013
Joe J.

Jul 2013
Heather S.
Aug 2013
Kimberley J.

Sep 2013
Stacy B.
Oct 2013
Don L.

Nov 2013
Terry S.
Dec 2013
Lisa D.